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Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of VIA APPIA Mode GmbH (VA) (version 22.02.2012)

§ 1 Place of jurisdiction and German law
The place of jurisdiction for all legal relations with VIA APPIA Mode GmbH (hereinafter VA) stemming from (supplementary) delivery contracts or other contracts shall be Erlangen or Stuttgart. This applies even if contracting parties have no general place of jurisdiction in Germany or have moved their place of domicile or usual place of residence to outside Germany since concluding the contract or if their place of domicile is not known when a complaint is filed. The place of performance shall be Erlangen or Stuttgart. The application of German law is hereby agreed.

§ 2 Purchase order and delivery
Written orders shall arrive at VA from the sales representatives in the form of offers. These shall be deemed to have been accepted if VA does not raise any objections by the date printed on the order. Accepted orders shall be dependent on the resolutory condition for manufacture and shall be cancelled without compensation retroactively, in part or in full, if an insufficient quantity of orders is received for the goods in question such that production is not worthwhile.
On acceptance of an order, a delivery date shall be agreed. VA shall have a period of grace for delivery of 12 days after the expiry of the agreed delivery time. This grace period shall be deemed to have been agreed at the same time.
Once this period of grace has expired, the Buyer may cancel the contract without compensation in the event of non-delivery.
These grace periods, however, shall not be triggered if invoices from previous goods deliveries have not been paid by the Buyer even though the date set for payment has lapsed. In such instances, the period of grace shall begin once the corresponding sum of money has arrived at VA in full or agreements concerning the payments have otherwise been made. If there is no agreement in place regarding a new payment date, VA shall be entitled to cancel the contract, in part or in full.
VA may then sell the goods on by private contract. VA is entitled to sell the goods as quickly as possible to any tendering party. The price received is to be deducted from the invoice, and VA is entitled to claim the balance of the invoice from the Buyer immediately.
Should the goods be unsellable because, for example, the season has ended, VA shall have the option of claiming the full invoice amount from the Buyer.

§ 3 Right to complain
The Buyer must examine the goods on receipt without delay; if any defect is evident, this must be reported immediately to the Seller in writing. In this respect, § 377 HGB (German Commercial Code) applies. The goods shall be deemed to have been approved if the Seller does not receive a complaint within six days of receipt of the goods. The provisions of § 377 HGB concerning the passage of time are hereby specified. It shall be deemed to have been agreed that notification must include full details of any defects.
The obligation to examine the goods and give notice of any defects is comprehensive, which means that it also involves checking standard tolerances in terms of the type and quality of the goods ordered, their dimensions, their fit and their quantity. With larger consignments, this obligation must be met using spot checks, if necessary. Subsequent pleas based on concealed or unidentified defects are hereby excluded.
In the event of genuine defects reported by the Buyer, the Seller shall be authorised to improve or replace the goods within the agreed delivery time or, if this has expired, within two weeks of receipt of the complaint. Claims for compensation are hereby excluded.

§ 4 Transport and acceptance
Delivery of the goods shall always be made ex VA warehouse. The risk of conveyance shall be borne by the Buyer. The costs for transportation and packaging shall be paid by the Buyer. The Buyer must take delivery of the goods. If the Buyer delays in accepting or taking delivery of the goods, VA shall have the right to insist that the Buyer takes delivery. Alternatively, VA may sell the goods immediately at the market price possible at that time. Minimum damages shall be consolidated into one lump sum amounting to 30% of the net invoice amount plus the statutory value-added tax. This shall be invoiced by VA following the delay in acceptance or taking delivery, and shall be payable immediately. The Buyer shall retain the right to demonstrate that the damages incurred were lower or non-existent.

§ 5 Sale
The Buyer is not entitled to sell the goods to resellers without VA’s consent.
Chain stores belonging to the Buyer may only sell the goods in those stores for which the goods have been ordered. In the event of failure to comply with this regulation, VA shall be entitled to injunctive relief and compensation.

§ 6 Retention of title
The goods shall remain VA’s property until payment of the full purchase price. However, the Buyer is entitled to onward sale of the goods within the context of its normal business. Any pledging of the goods or transfer of title by way of security for the benefit of third parties is hereby excluded until VA receives full payment for the goods, save with VA’s consent. Any seizure of the goods by third parties must be reported to VA without delay, with details of the attaching creditor, so that VA can safeguard its rights.
In the event of the onward sale of goods to which VA has retained title, the Buyer shall now for then assign its resulting claims against third parties, plus all accessory rights, to VA with exemption from the restriction of § 181 BGB (German Civil Code).
VA is entitled to report this assignment to the acquirer of the goods and, where appropriate, to demand payment of the purchase price. The Buyer is obliged to provide all information required for the purpose of asserting the assigned rights and to hand over documentation on request.
The following regulations as applicable to relationships between commission agents (buyers) and a consignor (VA) are agreed:
In the event of an impending or executed seizure or of any other impairment of VA’s rights by third parties, the Buyer must inform VA without delay, with details of the attaching creditor. The judicial and extra-judicial costs incurred for asserting VA’s retention of title shall be borne by the Buyer.

§ 7 Delay to delivery in cases of force majeure
In cases of force majeure – political unrest, strike measures or a scarcity of raw materials on the procurement markets – VA cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of delivery. Claims for compensation in such cases are hereby excluded.

§ 8 Delivery and payment of invoice
In principle, VA is not obliged to render advance performance. VA always reserves the right to deliver C.O.D. (cash on delivery), C.B.D. (cash before delivery) or D.V.P. (delivery versus payment). This applies in particular if due invoice amounts, including default interest, from previous deliveries and invoices have not been paid in full or at all. Until payment is issued in full for due invoice amounts, including default interest, VA shall therefore not be obliged to make contractual deliveries to the Buyer. This applies even if it was previously customary for VA to render advance performance for the customer.
Invoices shall be made out on the day of delivery or provision of the goods and sent without delay.
The following terms apply to the payment of invoices:
a) A discount of 4% shall be awarded if payment is issued by the date printed on the invoice as a discount date.
b) Once this deadline has passed, the invoice must be paid without the deduction of any discount.
c) Once the payment date printed on the invoice has expired, the Buyer shall automatically be deemed to be defaulting on payment without a special reminder needing to be sent. Default interest, to the sum of 5% above the relevant base interest rate, shall then be charged, and VA shall have the right to provide proof of higher damages caused by the delay, where applicable, and to demand a higher interest rate or further default interest, if appropriate.
d) If VA becomes aware that the Buyer’s credit rating has deteriorated, all amounts outstanding are to be paid immediately, regardless of the payment date. The Buyer must be informed of this. For goods not yet delivered but due to be delivered, the Buyer shall receive a pro forma invoice, which may also be for a part delivery. The Buyer shall be asked to issue payment, and a deadline shall be set. Only once payment has been received shall the Buyer be entitled to immediate delivery of the goods for which it has paid. Payment may be replaced by the provision of a bank guarantee. If neither payment nor a bank guarantee is received within the time-frame, VA shall be entitled to cancel all existing orders. VA shall then be entitled to sell on any goods of which delivery has not been taken. Minimum damages shall then be consolidated into one lump sum in accordance with § 4 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery (shortfall 25% and expense 5%), invoiced and made payable immediately. The Buyer shall retain the right to demonstrate that the damages incurred were lower or non-existent.
Alternatively, VA may also cancel the contract immediately on becoming aware of the poor credit rating and claim lump-sum minimum damages (as above).
e) With the onward sale of the goods, VA shall be entitled to sell the goods as quickly as possible at the market price possible at that time.
f) If the Buyer defaults on the payment of an invoice, it is hereby expressly agreed that all outstanding invoices are to become due without further request.

§ 9 Costs of legal proceedings
The Buyer shall bear the costs of legal proceedings, including the costs for reminders or legal counsel. Similarly, the Buyer shall also assume the necessary costs for hiring a correspondence lawyer or sub-agent.

§ 10 Terms of business
All sales by VA are transacted exclusively under the above terms of business. The Buyer acknowledges that these terms of business shall also apply to subsequent contracts. Should the Buyer have contrary terms of business, these are not hereby agreed in order to avoid any conflict in this respect. Deviations from VA’s terms must be agreed in writing in order to be valid.
Silence on terms of business forwarded to VA does not constitute approval. Silence cannot therefore be interpreted as a recognition of these terms. This also applies to the content of orders or order confirmations. An exception is expressly agreed with the provisions of § 2 of these Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery concerning the acceptance of orders. § 10 applies to all agreements between VA and the customer.

§ 11 Severability clause
Should any of the above terms and conditions of sale and delivery be legally ineffective or be declared as such, the remaining provisions of the contract shall remain valid. In this event, the contracting parties shall undertake to replace any ineffective provision with one that reflects the meaning of the contract.


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